Catalina Mueller

Hochschule Fresenius
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Dr. Catalina Mueller

For the past 20 years I have designed learning experiences, taught at undergraduate and graduate level and researched various topics related to management and business in international settings. I started my journey at Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania) and later on, collaborated with Virtus e-learning platform (Germany), Klaipeda University (Lithuania), Vidzemes Augstskola University of Applied Sciences (Latvia), the Centre for Rural Development from Humboldt University (Germany) and Gisma Business School (Germany) for courses on intercultural competences, human resources management in events, digital tools for training and product management. A few years back I have also discovered the world of user interface design and user experience design through a bootcamp course that approached learning in a different manner. I am particularly interested in behavioural economics and sustainability, technology and their connection to learning. In 2024 I'm teaching product development @Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, and digital change @Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and I am a volunteer @European Digital Education Hub

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- Report: "Digital Skills Playbook for Educators" @European Digital Education Hub, European Union, 2024. Available at: Documents/Forms/Public.aspx?id=/teams/GRP-EACext-DigitalEducationHub/Shared Documents/Sharing is caring/Squad Resources/Digital skills squad playbook.pdf&parent=/teams/GRP-EACext-DigitalEducationHub/Shared Documents/Sharing is caring/Squad Resources - Workshop "Integrating Sustainability in Product Design” @The Guild of Working Designers, Fountain Institute, 2023. Available at: - Presentation: ”Teaching Sustainability with AI: A Practical Workshop for Educators” @International EduSimSteam Innovative Practices and Policy Making Conference, 2023. Available at: - Best Virtual Workshop Award for ”Impact on people and planet (with AI)” @The innovative workshop design contest, SessionLab, 2023. Available at:"

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